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Selena project - 1275 Words

1. Selena s father says it is difficult to be a Mexican-American. Why does he say that? He says this because he feels the Mexicans want you to be more Mexican and the Americans want you to be more American. 2. Selena and her brother don t seem to be as bothered by the difficulties the father describes. Why do they not share his feelings? Things had changed since the time their father grew up and both the Americans and the Mexicans had become more accepting of cultural differences. 3. Selena s Spanish is seen as a potential problem for her in Mexico by her father. Has anyone else ever felt their Spanish was being judged, by anyone anywhere? Why do you think Selena was able to overcome this problem in Mexico? Why was she so†¦show more content†¦pop music because other artists had already broken the barrier of this new trend of genre combinations. Selena was making a crossover to dance music similar to Paula Abdul or Madonna. 11. Also consider, Selena s husband and guitar player, Chris. Chris was a heavy metal/rock musician. Why did he agree to play in Selena s band? In what sense is the heavy metal culture Mexican-American, Chicano, Anglo? Are there aspects of culture in the U.S. whichShow MoreRelated1994: My Birth Year956 Words   |  4 Pages1994, but they did not have very interesting events so I had the choice of doing events on the year of 1994. One major event that took place throughout the world in 1994 was when Selena Quintanilla-Perez became a worldwide pop star. She started at the age of 9; her father started the group Selena Y Los Dinos (Selena and The Guys). The group s first performance was in Papagallos, the Quintanilla family s restaurant opened in 1980. Everyone who saw her, even at that young age, knew she was goingRead MoreSelena Quintanilla Essay1470 Words   |  6 Pages Selena Quintanilla was a Mexican-American singer that dramatically impacted the world of Tejano music. â€Å"Selena transformed Tejano music from a local genre performed on a circuit of small venues into an international form that expressed the aspirations of many in the latino community,† affirms The Nineties in America. She was born on April 16, 1971 in Lake Jackson, Texas and died on March 31, 1995 in Corpus Christi, Texas. The St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture states that, â€Å"she [Selena] wasRead MoreAmerican Actess an d Singer: Selena Gomez1103 Words   |  5 PagesSelena Gomez is considered to be a very talented American actress and singer. Gomez is a woman of talent who has contributed to the world of humanities with her creativity, knowledge, and motivation. Many people may be familiar with her because of her successful music career, her role on the Disney show, Wizards of Waverly Place and for dating Justin Bieber. As a young child, Gomez had faced many challenges and has worked hard to overcome those challenges, becoming a successful woman in the musicRead MoreAnnotated Bibliography On Requirements Specification1107 Words   |  5 PagesRequirements Specification Purpose This Project will create a database to hold information about Sure Start’s extensive educational, welfare and social/recreational resources (books, CDs and videos) on their premises that Staff, Volunteers and Parents can borrow. It will contain information regarding lending dates and how long resources have been borrowed for. Scope The criteria that should be fulfilled to cover the full scope of this project is as follows: †¢ The database should be original and customisedRead MoreThe Movie Selena 2286 Words   |  10 Pagesmain character in the film â€Å"Selena† is a woman named Selena. Everyone else in the movie is a sub character that plays off of the role of Selena. The movie is about Selena’s life and the movie begins with her as a little girl and ends with her as a Mexican-American pop star loved by both the Mexican and American communities. Selena goes from being a young girl who’s band is compromised of her brothers and sisters to a mega star known by fans all over the world. As Selena became more successful sheRead MoreLiterary Analysis : The Shadow Archetype 885 Words   |  4 Pagesdream. In his dream, Andres’s girlfriend is Selena Gomez, which is a famous actress. But he also mentions that when he interacts with her in his dream her personality is that of his actual girlfriend’s. However, in the dream, Andres runs into some conflict with this c haracter, because she is upset. As Andres tries to console her, he finds she wont talk to him and soon after that he wakes up. â€Å"Jung proposed that during the first half of life man projects his anima onto external women, pushing him towardRead MoreThe X Men Series, And Avengers : Age Of Ultron1274 Words   |  6 PagesSupergirl film showed the continue sexism and gender roles in media. The majority of the movie’s plot was based on the main female characters focusing of their relationships. For example, Selena, the villain who dabbles in magic, spends the first hour of film criticizing her could-be boyfriend. For the next hour, Selena tries to win the heart of a beautiful man. Although, her love spell backfires and he ends up falling in love with our hero, Supergirl. You also see Supergirl’s sidekick dealing with herRead MoreOn march 9th, 1997, the rapper Notorious Big was shot to death in LA during a drive by shooting. On2200 Words   |  9 PagesSpoken about f or many years prior to true creation, was the Human Genome Project (HGP). Planning of the HGP, beginning in 1984, transition to being underway in 1990, and was completed in 2003. Finding and determining the sequence of chemical base pairs that Human DNA is consisted of is the goal of the HGP. Declared the world’s largest collaborated biological project, the HGP is funded by the US government. Human Genome Project. Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 05 Nov. 2014. Web. 14 May 2014. LastingRead MoreThe Trade Offs Faced By Each Of The Following1333 Words   |  6 Pagesexpenses which could include the country’s defense, if money is needed for the betterment of our countries roads, social programs, education etc. c) Before opening a new factory a president has to decide whether funds are needed in other or existing projects which may produce profits for the company and also should decide whether the money is needed for operating/administrative expenses, or just to have extra cash on hand etc. d) A professor should consider when deciding on how much to prepare for aRead MoreUnder The Neon Filter : Spring Breakers1025 Words   |  5 PagesUnder the Neon Filter Spring Breakers, directed by Harmony Korine, is a 2012 American crime drama that portrays seemingly good, barely-legal Disney stars, turned bad. Starring Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson, Rachel Korine and James Franco, this film isn’t actually about spring break, rather it pokes fun at contemporary pop culture, while revealing deeper, underlying themes of racial and social roles. Spring break is merely a setting for the murderous, illegal activities that take place

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The Holocaust A War Hero After World War I - 1940 Words

American River College The Holocaust Ferris Spears World History Yousef Batarseh 3 December 2015 The point of where this all began was when Adolf Hitler came to became known as a war hero after World War I, and soon after gaining enough power to become chancellor of Europe in January of 1933. In March of 1933 one of the world s greatest and worst tragedies in history began. This tragedy was the holocaust where the Jews were persecuted, and killed all because of the man named Adolf Hitler. He used his power and influence on others to make it seem like the Jewish people were behind everything that had happened to them. There were many things that they did to the Jews that were inhuman and evil to the very core. One thing they†¦show more content†¦In 1919 he had become the leader of that party and tried to overthrow the government that was in place at the time. This treason was the reason he had landed in prison for many years, in which time he created his autobiography which was called (My Struggle). He was released in 1924 and was starting to regain his popularity in Ger many going after the treaty of Versailles and he also had started to promote the anti-communism with Nazi propaganda. As time had passed Hitler had started to become more and more popular with the people which intern helped his influence in the government grow and allowed him to give that extra push on being able to demolish communism. This also had given him and his party that he created the chance to become more powerful and greater political pull. This is the reason why they many propaganda against their opposing political parties who they had referred to as â€Å"the weak Weimar government and the Jews whom the Nazis blamed for Germany s ills.† From this phrase you can tell how they think that anyone that does not flow their politics is no better than the Jews; who they think of as inferior, and see them as the problem to all the wrongs that happen to Germany. This is when the Nazi started using propaganda as an assault against the Jews. The most major propaganda tool tha t they used was the â€Å"weekly Nazi newspaper Der Stà ¼rmer (The Attacker)† Every week the

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Franklin D. Roosevelt And The Use Of Rhetoric . Franklin

Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Use of Rhetoric Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) is one of the most influential presidents in history of the United States. In FDR’s 1941 speech, â€Å"On the War with Japan,† he discusses the necessity of going to war in Europe and what it means for America’s future. His leadership skills in combination with his speech causes society to go from an isolationist policy to being motivated to enter and win the war. Through the use of rhetoric, FDR is able to captivate the listeners and encourage them to actively participate in the war. Not only does he play on the emotions of the audience, he also appeals to their sense of patriotism and logic in order to persuade them to get involved in World War II. Prior to FDR and†¦show more content†¦He is not only convincing, but also relatable to the audience. FDR states, â€Å"We are now fighting to maintain our right to live among our world neighbors in freedom, in common decency, without fear of assault† (Roosevelt par. 4). He is explaining the purpose of getting involved in the war. He appeals to the audience’s sense of logic in this statement by justifying the nation’s involvement in the war and making them understand that it is necessary. In this line, FDR it implying that if the Americans do not get involved in the war, their freedom will be stripped from them. He is showing them a possible consequence if they continue their isolationist policies which instills fear within them and makes them desire change. In this line, FDR makes the nation feel like a team. By using the word â€Å"our,† FDR shows that it is a team effort and that no one person is better than another. He is implying that they are all equals and it is their duty to fight to protect their right to freedom. In saying this, FDR is establishing the idea that the nation must fight as a team and win to keep the freedom that Americans currently have. FDR’s use of rheto ric continues to motivate his audience and makes them understand the significance of entering the war. Prior to the speech FDR presented, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor in Hawaii which killed over 2,300 Americans. The attack also sank twelve battleships, hurting the American navy.Show MoreRelatedPearl Harbor : A Gateway Of Strength For Our Nation1381 Words   |  6 Pagesgiven by an influential American figure to impact the course of history itself. Whether it is a tragedy or an event to celebrate, the speeches given are a passage to a change in history for better or worse. In the â€Å"Pearl Harbor Address,† Franklin D. Roosevelt used parallel structure, rhetorical appeals, and diction to portray his strong opposing sentiments toward the catastrophic acts that occurred in Pearl Harbor, and changed American history course by declaring war against the Japanese EmpireRead MoreAnalysis of Franklin D Roosevelts First Inaugural Address Essay771 Words   |  4 Pagesinaugural address of Franklin D. Roosevelt was one that strove to lift the American people off their feet as the country entered some of its worst years during the Great Depression. One of Roosevelts strong advantages during his address was his ability to relate to the very real concerns of the everyday American citizens. With pressures of the failing economy facing the President-elect, he delivered this speech, addressing the nation about his plans for a New Deal. Roosevelt made his first pointRead MoreThe Attack Of Pearl Harbor1351 Words   |  6 Pages On December 7th, 1941, Japanese forces attacked Pearl Harbor. They demolished the entire United States Pacific Fleet. At the time, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the thirty-second president of the United States. He was in his third term when the devastating atta ck began. The attacked took place at the U.S. Naval Base in Oahu, Hawaii. The air attack started at 7:48 in the morning, Hawaiian time. There were about 3,500 casualties from the bombing, and more than 2,300 of them were deaths. The attackRead MoreNo Ordinary Time By Doris Kearns Goodwin1320 Words   |  6 Pages â€Å"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.† Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) said this famous quote at his first inaugural address, when he took one of the most important jobs in the world, becoming the president of the United States. He then went on to do what no other president had done before―be elected for more than two terms. The people elected Franklin for four consecutive terms during one of the nation’s hardest times, and he and his wife helped pull the nation to its feet. This periodRead MoreFDR’s Alphabet Soup1364 Words   |  6 PagesDepression. This was one of the more important objectives of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s first term as president. Although Herbert Hoover made somewhat of an attempt trying to reconcile the country, but he was unable to live up to his rhetoric, â€Å"prosperity is right around the corner.† Hoover failed to comprehend the extent of the damage of the stock market crash from a global perspecti ve and simply did too much too fast. When Franklin Roosevelt came into presidency in 1933, he set out his first hundred-dayRead MoreThe War And The Spanish Civil War987 Words   |  4 PagesCommunism was regarded as such an existential threat that the possibility of the civilian population joining the communist side already was reason enough for their deaths. Another parallelism between the Spanish Civil War and the Cold War was the use of proxy wars to advance national objectives. Even though a settlement of the Spanish War would have relaxed the position of many countries towards Germany and guaranteed a fast victory of the anti-republican insurgents, Hitler was not eager to concludeRead MoreFdr : A Protagonist Or Antagonist? Essay2098 Words   |  9 PagesFDR: A Protagonist or Antagonist? On December 7th, 1941, Pearl Harbor was attacked by Japanese forces. The very next day, Franklin D. Roosevelt addressed the United States Congress with his memorable speech including â€Å"a date which will live in infamy.† Next, I would like to bring focus to the rhetorical aspect of the main purpose and the relevance of FDR’s captivating speech. The speech that was held on December 8th. 1941 had two purposes. One was to urge Congress to formally declare war on JapanRead MoreMinimum Wage And The National Industrial Recovery Act2758 Words   |  12 Pagesto know the history of minimum wage. Minimum wage began in the 1930’s as one of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal Policies. In the 80 plus years since the implementation of his New Deal Policies, historians have reviewed and reassessed the impacts of these programs. The National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA) signed on 16 June, 1933 was a program of the New Deal that would cover multiple issues. Franklin D. Roosevelt said in his statement introducing the NIRA, History probably will record the NationalRead MorePresidential Success And Its Impact On The State Of Nation3662 Words   |  15 Pagesfurther their goals. Examining presidential power and success is to understand presidential leadership. These top-tier individuals elected to the presidency uses the resources and personal characteristics to lead them to success and greatness, in some cases, some more than others. I have provided a case study between Presidents Van Buren and Roosevelt to show how the internal and external factors lead one president to be one of the greatest and most successful presidents in U.S history, while the otherRead MoreEssay Adolf Hitler: The Power of Rhetoric1416 Words   |  6 Pages Adolf Hitler. When a person hears his name, not many good things will come to their head. However Hitler did possess one amazing quality that led to him be one of the most powerful men on earth: the ability to influence others through his rhetoric. Hitler used his speaking ability to take over a country in their time of need and lead them to infamy. The ways Hitler did this was by connecting with his audience, flamboyant motions, variation in pitch, using his charisma, and working his audience up

Barbara Andersons First Fieldwork Essay - 662 Words

Barbara Andersons First Fieldwork Prà ©cis: â€Å"First Fieldwork† 1. Where did Barbara Anderson’s fieldwork take place and what was the goal of her research? Barbara Anderson’s fieldwork took place in the fishing village of Taarnby, Denmark on the island of Amager in the Oresund in the 50’s. The goal of her research was to publish the unseen side of fieldwork. She wanted to share the personal and professional sides of fieldwork with the reader. She went to the island to help her husband study culture change. 2. Who accompanied Anderson to her field site? Barbara Anderson’s husband (Thor), her daughter (Katie; 5yrs old), and Anderson’s unborn child (Sarah) accompanied her to her field site. 3. Why was Anderson’s†¦show more content†¦She didn’t know the appropriate behaviors or protocol of the bathhouse. The attendants and fellow bathers tried to lead her in the right direction. Her many mishaps cause her to learn that she doesn’t completely understand a culture until she is immersed in it. 5. Discuss how Barbara gained villager status in Taarnby. The only way one could acquire villager status was to be born in the village. Barbara acquired villager status differently. She gained it by breast-feeding her daughter Sarah. Americans were thought to be unable to breast-feed. Barbara proved them wrong by breastfeeding and sharing her over abundance of milk with babies with special dietary needs. She was â€Å"bountiful†. 6. In what ways does Barbara become â€Å"acculturated† to the cold and difficult daily activities of Taarnby? Keeping her days overscheduled so she’d keep busy acculturated Barbara. The bathroom facilities did, too. She didn’t adjust to using the chamber pot, but instead went outside to the outhouse in freezing temperatures. She learned to stack the family’s clothes in â€Å"outhouse order† for quick up and down- dressing and undressing to use the pot outside. This taught Thor and Katie to adjust as well. She adjusted to the slower pace of the villagers in winter-more time for visiting and eating. The slower pace allowed for more personal interaction and interviewing. 7. How does she finallyShow MoreRelatedObjectivity versus Subjectivity as Social Research Methods Essay1766 Words   |  8 PagesDiscussions from social research argue over or try to maintain a sense of equilibrium while answering and discussing the questions of objectivity and neutrality vs. bias and subjectivity. While reading, So what do you want from us here? by Barbara Myerhoff, Getting In by Ruth Horowitz, and Jelly’s Place by Elijah Anderson I focused on the questions of objectivity vs. subjectivity. Using the authors field research I found that the authors found specific approaches that affected their

Mathematics Initiative Training On The Math Academic Education Essay Free Essays

Abstraction Percepts of Effectiveness the Mathematics Initiative Training on the Math Academic Performance of Elementary Students. Emmaundia Whitaker, 2011. Applied Dissertation Concept Paper, Nova Southeastern University, Fischler School of Education and Human Services. We will write a custom essay sample on Mathematics Initiative Training On The Math Academic Education Essay or any similar topic only for you Order Now ERIC Forms: Mathematicss, Mathematics Initiative, Math Academic Performance, Elementary Students This applied thesis was designed to determine identify instructors ‘ perceptual experiences of the effectivity of the Mathematics Initiative Training on impacting the Math academic public presentation of simple pupils. Table of Contentss Page Table of Contentss iii Chapter 1: Introduction 1 C Chapter 1: Introduction Statement of the Problem One of the intents of instruction research-and 1 that has been progressively stressed in recent old ages with the passage of the Education Science Reform Act of 2002 and the constitution of the Institute of Education Sciences ( IES ) -is to develop and rigorously evaluate plans to measure whether they are effectual in back uping pupils ‘ acquisition and accomplishment. This research docket includes an accent on mensurating execution fidelity and associating those steps to plan impacts ( U.S. Department of Education, 2006 ) . Harmonizing to Tomlinson ( 2003 ) , research is needed to place effectual ways to educate and foster success among pupils. Elementary pupils in School District X have hapless academic public presentation in Mathematics. Still, mathematics and reading are typically considered by the bulk of society to be the cardinal topics to cognize and are therefore what are most normally used to mensurate a pupil ‘s or school ‘s success or failure. In peculiar, mathematics is said to function as a â€Å" critical filter, † or a gateway to many high-status businesss ( Schoenfeld, 2004 ) , as quantitative accomplishments are important in such countries as commercialism, medical specialty, engineering and defence ( National Mathematics Advisory Panel, 2008 ) . In add-on, mathematics accomplishment is considered to be a better index of school effects because it is thought to be less influenced by household background and place effects than other topics ( Heyneman, 2005 ) . Therefore, the research presented herein focal points on mathematics achievement as a step of school effectivity. The research job. Progressive educational reform has been a little yet ever-present current in schooling in the United States ( Wilson, Floden, A ; Ferrini-Mundy, 2001 ) . As the subject has grown and developed during the last 20 old ages, mathematics instruction in peculiar has been forcing on the boundaries of this on-going motion ( Cuoco, 2001 ) . A peculiarly ambitious issue with progressive mathematics instruction reform is that instructors are being asked to make for pupils experiences those instructors have ne’er had themselves ( Richardson A ; Placier, 2001 ) . Naturally a critical inquiry has emerged as many mathematics teacher pedagogues, math pedagogues, mathematicians, professional developers, and research workers likewise have been working to do such progressive mathematics larning environments a world: how do we best prepare instructors to learn a mathematics radically different from that which emphasized drill, pattern, and memorisation of stray facts and algo rithms? ( Kilpatrick, Swafford, A ; Findell, 2001 ) . Background and justification. A instructor ‘s cognition is one of the biggest influences on schoolroom ambiance and on what pupils learn ( Hill, Rowan, A ; Ball, 2005 ) . Elementary school instructors need professional development in mathematics because, most normally, they have been trained as Renaissance mans. This means that simple instructors may hold been trained to learn all nucleus topics, such as reading, scientific discipline, societal surveies and math ; but the instructors have non developed specialised accomplishments in the instruction of any one topic ( Greenberg A ; Walsh, 2008 ) . â€Å" Bettering the mathematics acquisition of every kid depends on doing cardinal the learning chances of our instructors, † ( Ball 2003, p. 9 ) . The work of Ball ( 2001 ) unveiled those instructors with increased mathematical cognition for learning produced significantly larger additions in pupil accomplishment. Due to its proved influence, the mathematical cognition of import for the work of instruction has become a important issue in mathematics instruction ( Stylianides A ; Ball, 2004 ) . Sing the aforementioned, it is imperative understand how, why and under what conditions the Math Initiative is effectual in bettering the Math academic public presentation of simple school pupils. Presently, many pupils are non accomplishing province criterions ( Tomlinson, 2003 ) . With this in head, the current survey efforts to gestate the sensed impact, by instructors, that engagement in the Math Initiative has had on mathematics academic public presentation. To make this, the research worker will use a plan rating using a summational attack. Harmonizing to Patton, rating has philosophical roots, such as formative, summational, and knowledge-oriented ratings. Each rating attack has different ends and aims and seeks to turn to different issues. A formative rating seeks to better a plan in some manner through analysis of the plan constituents, while a summational rating Judgess the plan ‘s effectivity ( Patton ) . A summational rating measures the success of the completed plan. It is used to do determinations about the hereafter of the plan. Use the consequences of this rating to enroll new host sites, support beginnings, and participants, and to publicise the plan. The summational rating frequently turns up unforeseen results, placing facets of the plan that would be otherwise overlooked. Lacks in the grounds. As schools endeavor to maintain up with national criterions for improved scheduling for instructors ‘ professional development, more surveies are needed that take into history teacher perceptual experiences of the types of professional development available ( Ellis A ; Berry, 2005 ) . In add-on, Grouws and Cebulla ( 2007 ) asserted that surveies are needed to measure the quality of the professional development instructors have attended and the positions on the value of the professional development. Last, Kulm ( 2009 ) contended that more surveies are needed to measure what pupils benefits are a by merchandise from what the instructors have learned. Audience. Harmonizing to Dooley ( 2001 ) , plan ratings help decision makers, school boards, and forces make informed determinations sing course of study content or way. By uniting quantitative informations related to plan effectivity and qualitative informations related to single instructor ‘s perceptual experience sing plan strengths and failings, this survey will lend to the organic structure of bing cognition related to the Math Initiative as a whole. Additionally, the consequences of this survey have potential to help collegiate mathematics pedagogues in understanding the common and specialised content cognition that pre-service instructors should obtain from mathematics content classs. This apprehension can help those responsible for developing appropriate course of study for pre-service instructors ‘ mathematics content classs. Definition of Footings Academic public presentation. Academic public presentation refers to a kid ‘s public presentation in academic countries ( e.g. , reading or linguistic communication humanistic disciplines, math, A scientific discipline, and history ) ( 71 Fed. Reg. at 46662 ) . Effectiveness. Effectiveness is the grade to which an educational plan or forces yields the coveted results of accomplishment or specific demands ( Sammons, 1999 ) . Elementary School Student. A kid in kindergarten through 5th class ( GaDOE, 2011 ) . Math Initiative. Math schemes. Multiple waies in Math that enable pupils of different abilities, involvements or larning demands experience every bit appropriate ways to absorb, usage, develop and present constructs as a portion of the day-to-day acquisition procedure ( Faivillig, 2001 ) . Percepts. Percepts involve the procedure of geting, construing, choosing, and forming centripetal information ( Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary ) . Professional development. Professional development is the activities instructors participate in to inform or better the job-related cognition, accomplishments or attitudes of school employees or a procedure of turning and going a professional ( Cooney, 2001 ) . Traditional text editions. Traditional text editions refer to commercially generated text edition stuffs that reflect a acquisition position focused chiefly on processs and direct instruction methods ( Ball, 2001 ) . Purpose of the Study The intent of this plan rating is to demo how the assorted degrees of execution and fidelity to the Mathematics Initiative Training affect pupil academic public presentation in the country of mathematics. Specifically, the intent of this survey is to place instructors ‘ perceptual experiences of the effectivity of the Mathematics Initiative on impacting the Math academic public presentation of simple pupils. Sing the aforementioned, a plan rating will be a utile tool for finding the effectivity of the Mathematics Initiative. A summational plan rating of the Mathematics Initiative will supply a method for roll uping, forming, analysing and describing informations for multiple audiences. Harmonizing to Babbie ( 2007 ) , summational plan rating measures the success of a course of study in accomplishing scholar aims for all targeted scholars, its success in accomplishing its procedure aims, and/or its success in prosecuting, motivation, and delighting its scholars and module. In add-on to quantitative informations, summational plan rating may include qualitative information about unintended barriers or unforeseen effects encountered in plan execution ( Denscombe, 2007 ) . Research Questions A reappraisal of the literature resulted in the undermentioned research questions/hypothesis, which will steer the current survey: R1. What are the instructors ‘ perceptual experiences of the effectivity of the Math Initiative Training? Focus Group Questions In what ways is the Math Initiative Training effectual or uneffective in impacting the Math academic public presentation of simple pupils? What grounds supports the effectivity of the Math Training Initiative? What are the most effectual constituents of the Math Training Initiative? What are the most uneffective constituents of the Math Training Initiative? What do you see as the educationally related hereafter of the Math Training Initiative in simple school scenes? R2. Is at that place a difference in the Math academic public presentation of pupils in the 2006-2008 school old ages before the Math Initiative Training compared to the 2008-2010 school old ages after the Math Initiative Training? Null Hypothesis HO1: There is non a statistically important difference in the Math academic public presentation of pupils in the 2006-2008 school old ages before the Math Initiative Training compared to the 2008-2010 school old ages after the Math Initiative Training Drumhead Educational and social stakeholders want to cognize if professional development is a worthwhile investing ( Clotfelter, Ladd, A ; Vigdor, 2006 ) . Opportunities have to be in topographic point for followup, reappraisal, and monitoring of execution of the instructors new cognition from professional development ( Ball, 2003 ) . Claims of effectivity or ineffectualness may be indefensible and invalid unless the grade to which plans are implemented as intended by the developers is defined and assessed ( Rivkin, Hanushek, A ; Kain, 2005 ) . Puma and Raphael ( 2001 ) argued that rating of any enterprise or preparation should be viewed as portion of the procedure of constructing local capacity reform. Documenting the connexions between the aforesaid professional development chances and instructor acquisition is important for the betterment of pupil acquisition. Following this debut chapter is Chapter 2, which will show a reappraisal of related literature. Chapter 3 will discourse the research design and methodological analysis for the research survey. Selection of topics, instrumentality, informations aggregation and premises will be detailed in this chapter. The chapter will reason with the processs utilized for carry oning the research and the information processing and analysis and the appropriate statistical process for proving the hypotheses. Chapter 4 will show the informations collected for the research every bit good as the information analysis employed to reply each research inquiry and the findings from the information analysis. Chapter 5 will reason the research with a treatment of the findings, decisions, deductions for professional pattern, and deductions for future research. Additionally, recommendations for execution will be presented. How to cite Mathematics Initiative Training On The Math Academic Education Essay, Essay examples

International distribution of the corporate tax - Free Samples

Questions: 1. From your firms financial statement, list each item of equity and write your understanding of each item. Discuss any changes in each item of equity for your firm over the past year articulating the reasons for the change. 2. What is your firms tax expense in its latest financial statements? 3. Is this figure the same as the company tax rate times your firms accounting income? Explain why this is, or is not, the case for your firm. 4. Comment on deferred tax assets/liabilities that is reported in the balance sheet articulating the possible reasons why they have been recorded. 5. Is there any current tax assets or income tax payable recorded by your company? Why is the income tax payable not the same as income tax expense? 6. Is the income tax expense shown in the income statement same as the income tax paid shown in the cash flow statement? If not why is the difference? 7. What do you find interesting, confusing, surprising or difficult to understand about the treatment of tax in your firms financial statements? What new insights, if any, have you gained about how companies account for income tax as a result of examining your firms tax expense in its accounts? Answers: Answer 1 After analysing the annual report of Audio Pixels Holdings Ltd, it is considered that equity capital of Audio Pixels Holdings Ltd is accompanied with contributed capital, owners equity and retained earnings. Contributed Equity Reserve Retained Earning Contributed equity It is the amount of capital contributed by the shareholders for the owners equity. Retained earnings- It is the amount of profit which company has accumulated and not distributed to its shareholders. Reserve- It is accumulated total distributable profit which could be plugged back by company in its business (Brigham and Ehrhardt, 2013). Contributed capital could also be defined as stakeholders equity which shareholders have invested in the company. In 2015, Audio Pixels Holdings Ltd is having AUD $ 37 million contributed capital which increased AUD $ 45 million in 2016. Accumulated profit of Audio Pixels Holdings Ltd has also shown negative data as company has been facing high amount of loss in its business functioning. Equity (Amount in dollar million) ($M) 2015 2016 Contributed equity 37 45 Retained earning (13) (18) Total equity (24) (24) Answer 2 Tax expenses of Audio Pixels Holdings Ltd It is considered that tax amount is charged on the profit of company and deducted from the overall net profit of company. The recording of tax expenses is shown in the profit and loss accounts. On the other hand, excess payment of tax would be shown in the deferred tax assets of company. The income tax paid by company is zero. It is observed that company has been suffering from high amount of loss throughout the time. It is inferred that company pays tax on its profit. In present case, Audio Pixels Holdings Ltd is having zero amount of tax implication due to its loss incurring business (Audio Pixels Holdings Ltd, 2017). Particular(AUD $ in million) 2015 2016 Income tax expenses 0 0 This table given reflects that company has loss in its business. Therefore, it is not allowed to pay tax on its loss. Answer 3 Tax rate figure of the Audio Pixels Holdings Ltd and its comparison with the tax deduction from the overall accounting income Current Tax: - It is evaluated that tax payment of Audio Pixels Holdings Ltd in 2016 is zero. It is analysed that company has been incurring high amount of losses in its business due to sluggish market condition. It reveals that company has zero level of tax obligations. Income tax is charged on the profit of company and for the recording of tax amount, Audio Pixels Holdings Ltd needs to comply with the IFRS rules and AASB-112. Audio Pixels Holdings Ltd is international company therefore, in order to harmonize with the domestic and international taxation rules; it has to comply with the AASB-112. In order to justify, whether the tax amount computed on the basis of computation i.e. 30% * net profit is no equal to recording of the tax charged on the profit in its financial statement, following example could be given (Cucchiella, DAdamo and Gastaldi, 2015). It is observed that the main differences between both amounts are found due to the difference between accounting and taxation rules and regulations. For instance, tax rate is charged on the profit of company i.e. 30% *AUD $ (5) million= AUD .15 million. Company could take rebate of this amount from the government from their future tax implication. On the other hand, as per the income tax rules and regulations, tax amount would be zero if there is no profit earned by company. The main difference between tax amounts arise due to different recording of tax expenses, revenue in the books of account of Audio Pixels Holdings Ltd. For instance, recording of bed debts recording, creating provisions and donations payment is different in as per the accounting and income tax rules and regulations. Therefore, it could be inferred that due to the difference between taxation rules and regulations and accounting rules, Audio Pixels Holdings Ltd may not have same tax amount figures computed by undertaking accounting income to recording of tax in financial statements. Answer4 Deferred tax assets/liabilities of the Audio Pixels Holdings Ltd Audio Pixels Holdings Ltd has been following international accounting rules and regulations for recording of taxes in its books of accounts. It is observed that company record deferred tax amount in its books of account either in its liabilities side or assets side. In Audio Pixels Holdings Ltd, company has non deferred tax assets or liabilities. Audio Pixels Holdings Ltd has not recorded deferred tax in its books of accounts. Recording of Deferred Tax:- The deferred tax amount recorded in the books of accounts Audio Pixels Holdings Ltd is zero. The deferred tax amount is recorded in the liabilities side or assets side of company so that it could be recognized and carried forward to the limit that is reasonably certain for the future taxable income against which deferred tax assets or liabilities would be realised. The recording of deferred tax assets and liabilities is recorded due to the difference between accounting and taxations rules. For instance, if Audio Pixels Holdings Ltd finds that due to difference between accounting and taxation provision. If company charge higher tax by considering accounting rules and regulations as compared to tax charged as per the taxations rules then excess amount would be shown as deferred tax liabilities of company. On the other hand, if tax is computed less due to different accounting and taxation rules and then excess payment to government would be recorded as deferred tax assets (Cucchiella, D Adamo and Gastaldi, 2015). Particular (AUD $ million) 2017 2016 Deferred tax liabilities 0 0 Deferred tax assets 0 0 Note- Audio Pixels Holdings Ltd can never have deferred tax assets and deferred tax liabilities in its books of account at the same time (Cobham and Loretz, 2014). Answer5 Current tax assets and other income tax payable by company It is evaluated that current tax payable by Audio Pixels Holdings Ltd is AUD $ 0. Company has been incurring losses in its business since very long time. It is observed that income tax payable of company is also zero. Audio Pixels Holdings Ltd is having no tax liabilities as it is incurring losses since four years. In addition to this, tax is charged on the profit of company. Therefore, there is zero tax implication on the business functioning of Audio Pixels Holdings Ltd. Deferred tax assets of Audio Pixels Holdings Ltd are also zero. Particular(AUD $ in million) 2016 2017 Income tax payable 0 0 It is observed that company has recorded zero tax payable in its books of accounts. The income tax payable is the liability which needs to be paid by company. Why income tax expenses is not same as the income tax payable It is analysed that income tax expenses charged on the profit and recorded for the current year in the profit and loss account of company. On the other hand, income tax payable is the accumulation of the tax liabilities of company which need to be paid by company to government (Brigham and Ehrhardt, 2013). Answer6 Is the income tax expense shown in the income statement same as the income tax paid shown in the cash flow statement? If not Why are the differences? Cash flow statement could be defined as statement comprised of details about the cash inflow and outflow from the business in current year irrespective of the fact whether it relates to current year or previous year. It is the part of the financial statement that is prepared with a view to analyse the inflow and outflow of cash from the business in particular year. The On the other hand, profit and loss account of company is prepared with a view to record all the expenses and revenue of company related to present year. It is prepared with a view to identify the actual profit and loss of company. A cash flow statement reveals all the tax payment made by Audio Pixels Holdings Ltd in the current year irrespective of the fact whether they relates to current year or previous year. Profit and loss account contains the tax amount which is charged on the current year profit. Answer7 Treatment of tax in your firms financial statements Interesting thing about the recorded its entire tax amount The main interesting thing about the recording of entire tax amount is related to recording of tax as per the accounting rules and regulations and accounting rules. The income tax is recorded in the books of accounts as per the AASB-122. The tax is not charged on the loss making company. Audio Pixels Holdings Ltd is highly loss making company. Surprising thing about the recorded its entire tax amount It is observed that recording of entire tax in Audio Pixels Holdings Ltd related to corporate governance and procedure of charging tax. It is evaluated that company can never have deferred tax assets and deferred tax liabilities in its books of account (Henry, et al. 2009). Difficulty in recorded the entire tax amount It is observe that Audio Pixels Holdings Ltd may find difficult to record the tax charged on its profit. It is considered that if company wants to books deferred tax liabilities in the books of account then it will first have to set off its entire deferred tax assets amount from its financial statements. The main difficulty would be for stakeholders of Audio Pixels Holdings Ltd who might find difficulty to understand the taxations rules and accounting policy of company. However, by reading notes to account, shareholders may find easy to understand tax recording process of company (Evans, 2016). New sight about the recording of taxes It is observed that Audio Pixels Holdings Ltd is having high amount of losses since very long time. Therefore, it is not required to pay taxes to government. However, the benefits of losses could also be used to set off taxes from the coming years in which it may require to pay tax in future (Alstadster, Jacob and Michaely, 2015). References Alstadster, A., Jacob, M. and Michaely, R., 2015. Do dividend taxes affect corporate investment?.Journal of Public Economics. Audio Pixels Holdings Ltd, 2017, annual report, Retrieved on 26th January, 2017 from Brigham, E.F. and Ehrhardt, M.C., 2013.Financial management: Theory practice. Cengage Learning. Cobham, A. and Loretz, S., 2014. International distribution of the corporate tax base: Implications of different apportionment factors under unitary taxation. Cucchiella, F., DAdamo, I. and Gastaldi, M., 2015. Financial analysis for investment and policy decisions in the renewable energy sector.Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy,17(4), pp.887-904. Evans, A.C.M., 2016. What is a conceptually possible flow through design for an alternative vehicle in the private context in domestic income tax legislation? With an applied case study on the Australian business trust. Henry, K., Harmer, J., Piggott, J., Ridout, H. and Smith, G., 2009. Australias future tax system.Canberra, Commonwealth Treasury.

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The Ozone Essays - Gases, Greenhouse Gases, Ultraviolet Radiation

The Ozone The Ozone Ozone derives from the greek word ozein which means to smell. It was first discovered in 1839 by Christian Friedrick Schonbein who noticed it because of its distinctive acrid smell. He discovered this at the University of Basel in Switzerland. Ozone is merely oxygen, but not the type we breath. Ozone, O3 has three compounds while oxygen has only two. Ozone is reac- tive, meaning it does not stay still, and wants to go back to its original state, with two compounds, O2. This is why ozone isharmful. Ozone always wants to let go of its third compound, and if this compound reacts with other substances, it could be damaging, especially to humans. When discussing with the ozone layer, one should know the four major atmosphere levels on earth. The troposphere which is between zero and fifteen kilometers in altitude and has tempera- ture ranges from two hundred to two hundred ninety kelvins. The second is the stratosphere which ranges from fifteen to approxi- mately fifty kilometers in altit ude and has temperature ranges from two hundred to two hundred fifty kelvins. The third level in the atmosphere is mesosphere. This level ranges from fifty to eighty-five kilometers in altitude and has temperature rangesbetween one hundred eighty and two hundred fifty kelvins. Finally, the thermosphere is the final level in the atmosphere. It's range is eighty-five to one hundred forty kilometers and also temperatures as high as four hundred sixty kelvins. Society has been widely addressed with the many problems that we are having in our environment today. A major problem is that of CFCs. CFC stands for Chlorofluorocarbons which are found in many of the aerosol spray cans. In December of 1973, Rowland and Molina discovered that CFCs can destroy the ozone in the stratosphere. In June 1975, the Natural Resources Defence Council (NRDC) sued the Consumers Product Safety Commission for a band of CFCs used in aerosol spray cans. United States's fifth largest manufacturers of aerosol spray s announced that they will reduce the amount of CFCs used in there products. But as things started to get better, The Consumer Product Safety Commission rejected NRDC's law suit in July stating that there was insufficient evidence towards the amount of harm the CFCs were doing to the ozone layer. On September 1976, a report was released which re-enforced Rowland and Molina's hypothesis, but also stated that the govern- ment action on CFC regulations should be postponed. This report also stated that the CFCs can initiate climatic changes and contribute to the warming of the earth's atmosphere, i.e., the greenhouse effect. May 1977, several government agencies announced joint plans to limit, but not eliminate uses of CFCs in aerosol spray cans. But on February of the following year, the government decided to postpone the regulations on CFCs used in refrigeration, air conditioning, solvents, and other industrial processes. With all the new regulations taking affect and being postponed, nothing was getting accomplished, but finally, on October 1978, aerosols where banned in the United States. August of 1981, satellite pictures showed that over one percent of the ozone was lost due to CFCs. Then, in October of 1984, research groups found a forty percent loss of ozone over Antarctica. In August of 1985, satellite photos confirmed the existence of an ozone hole over Antarctica. Even though many were trying to reduce the amount of CFCs in their products, there were still some out there who wanted to make the fast buck. February 1988, three US senators asked Du Pont to stop making CFCs but the chairman denied the requested. Three weeks later, the chairman agrees to ease manufacturing of chemicals, but only when substitutes were available. Eight in a million of the widely scattered molecules are ozone in our atmosphere--this is what is responsible for the rising of temperature. Ozone takes in ultra-violet rays when they come from the sun and converts the radiation to he at and chemical energy. The ozone layer also seals earth from the many of the other powerful radiation rays that the sun gives off. Splitting of oxygen molecules depends upon the intense radiation, therefore, the greatest ozone production is over the tropics. The ozone is dangerous to